Benefits of aspa Membership

The Association provides its members with access to:

  • online access to the Australian Journal of Social Issues (AJSI)
  • seminars
  • workshops and conferences
  • cross-sectoral networking opportunities
  • higher degree research forums and networks
  • free eNews
  • special event rates.

Membership Fees

  • Standard Membership: $50

How to apply.

There are currently two options available to submit your application for aspa membership.

Option 1.

Download this printable PDF of our application form and complete payment by direct transfer or by attaching a cheque or money order to your postal application.

Option 2.

Use the form below to submit your details and complete payment with Paypal. By submitting your application in this way, you are 'digitally signing' your application, confirming that you agree to the aspa Terms and Conditions.

aspa Standard Membership Application Form - $50

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