Superdiversity – an emerging field

ASPA and SPRC present Professor Jenny Phillimore – 10 August 2015, UNSW.

The emergence of superdiversity in industrialised countries has led to unprecedented population complexity, with associated challenges for delivering social welfare.

In her upcoming seminar, Professor Jenny Phillimore, who is the Director of the Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS) at the University of Birmingham, will give a brief outline of the nature of superdiversity, and some of the key challenges facing health providers.

Her seminar is called ‘Welfare bricolage: a new concept for understanding health-seeking behaviour in an era of superdiversity’.

Using data from interviews undertaken by poly-lingual community researchers, with a maximum diversity sample of recently-arrived migrants, she will show how they bricolage in order to address health and well-being needs.

She says such an approach combines wide-ranging health resources, including known and comforting ‘old’ health-seeking behaviours, with ‘new’ behaviours and opportunities, as well as virtual and transnational resources.

“We contend that employing the concept of welfare bricolage can help us understand the processes by which individuals strive to be healthy, using a combination of resources, access to which is shaped by structures and their own agency,” she says.

“Using the concept of welfare bricolage can help develop new knowledge with potential to shape public health policy in rapidly diversifying cities.”

Jenny Phillimore has researched widely in the fields of migration and superdiversity and over the past decade has managed teams of researchers focusing on access to health, education, employment, training, and housing integration – with a particular focus on integration and organisational change in the UK and EU.

Jenny is Professor of Migration and Superdiversity at the University of Birmingham’s School of Social Policy, where she has advised local, regional, national and European government. Jenny holds a grant from the Norface Welfare State Futures program, as well as several other European and UK grants all of which focus on migration and/or superdiversity and access to welfare.

Jenny Phillimore, 10 August 2015, 4-5pm, Room 221, John Goodsell building, UNSW, Kensington, Sydney.

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